And may I express a hope that our luck may be in proportion to our public deserts?   [Rome, early in January, 45 B.C.]. Meanwhile convince yourself of this, that both in the interests of the Republic which has ever been most precious to me, and in the interests of our mutual affection, I have nothing more at heart than your position in the State. And not only that, but measures which he himself would not carry through were he alive, we approve, because we suppose that he contemplated them. B.C. The letter stated that the consuls had left Capua. 2 It is for you three to clear away all these difficulties, and not to imagine that you have already satisfied the claims the Republic has upon you. options are on the right side and top of the page. L  On the 30th of June your relative, and my once friend, Lepidus, was declared a public enemy by an unanimous vote of the Senate, as were also all the others who joined him in deserting the Republic; the latter, however, have been given the opportunity of returning to their senses before the 1st of September. For it seemed that you not only back me up - that you have always done, both for my sake, and the sake of the Republic - but also that you have shouldered a burden of anxiety, and feel seriously perturbed about me.   [Rome, (?) There are but faint hopes of a free constitution (I shrink from saying there are none), but whatever they are, they are bound, as by betrothal, to the year of your consulship. Attalus' home page 2 Being in these straits, I decided to demand for myself and our other friends an honorary ambassadorship, so as to discover some decent pretext for leaving Rome. ——— M. Tullius Cicero, Epistulae ad Atticum 2 vols. 2 But in the matter of Fadius I will do what you ask with hearty goodwill; as for yourself, I only wish for many reasons that you had been able to meet me, in the first place so that I might see you after so long an interval - you whom I have for long past valued so highly; secondly, that I might congratulate you in person as I have done by letter; furthermore, that we might share our views about whatever matters we wished, you about your affairs, I about mine; and lastly, that our friendship which has been fostered on either side by the most notable good services, but has had its continuity broken by long periods of separation, might be more effectually strengthened. he succeeded in defeating a Parthian invasion of Syria. B.C. And yet why am I excusing myself to you, when your men come to me empty-handed, and return to you with letters ? For who ever heard my name mentioned as an accomplice in that most glorious action? Letters to Atticus, with an English translation by E.O. Pro Quinctio: Pro Roscio Amerino: Pro Roscio Comodeo: de Lege Agraria Contra Rullum 51 Our old regiment of loyalists is warm in its zeal and attachment to me. Cicero Letters Translation . They range from the most informal communications with members of his family to serious and elaborate compositions which are practically treatises in epistolary form. net.   [Camp in Syria, May 7th, 43 B.C.]. The translations of letters to Atticus are based on the version by E.O.Winstedt; the other letters are based on the version by W.G.Williams. [12.8] Cicero to Cassius . Triumviri, r. p. c., Coss., C. Iulius Caesar IV., how I should like to know whether you read all this with an anxious mind or a mind at ease! 4 It will perhaps occur to someone among you at this point to ask why we should wait for that last stage rather than make some strong effort at once? Is it that she obeys him dead, whom she could not brook alive? ... 1918 Series The Loeb classical library Note Latin and English on opposite pages. On March 15th 44 B.C., Caesar was killed in the senate-house by a group of senators, led by Brutus and Cassius. Farewell. As I write these words, thanks to the villainy and shiftiness of Lepidus, the war is really serious. COSS., M. Domitius Calvinus, M. Valerius Messalia. . you will say. Antonius was no longer consul, but he still had a strong army, with which he besieged Decimus Brutus at Mutina until April, when he was forced to abandon the siege. Browse related items. Coss., D. B.C. Of the rest of their conduct you may judge from the fact that they have robbed your legate of his travelling allowance. Nothing, however, could be braver or better than the people, and indeed the whole of Italy; nothing, on the other hand, more disgraceful, nothing more scandalous, than the conduct of Philippus and Piso as our emissaries. (Cambridge, 1965–1970). So I pretend to busy myself with other things, to prevent Plato's emphatic reproach from ringing in my ears. Related Work Letters to Atticus. [2.27] Was Cnaeus Domitius spurred on to seek to recover his dignity, not by the death of his father [L.Domitius], a most illustrious man, nor by the death of his uncle, nor by the deprivation of his own dignity, but by my advice and authority? Still I thought I should not refrain from demanding anything that I consider to be reasonable. translation, optical character recognition or other areas where access to a large amount of text is helpful, please contact us. So I do not so much as recommend him to you. For the ills to be remedied are very many, even though it may appear that the Republic has been safely delivered from the villainy of its enemies. Coss., L. [Formiae, February 10th, 49 B.C.]. Mart., Coss. The Senate is thoroughly staunch, except, of course, the consulars, of whom L.Caesar alone is as staunch as he is straight. W. S. Watt, Ciceronis Epistulae ad Atticum I–VIII (Oxford Classical Text, 1965). Letters to Atticus, with an English translation by E.O. The result is that people are thronging round me, and for the first time, by supporting a really sound measure, I find myself a popular hero. September 25th, 44 B.C.]. Magister Equitum, M. Mind you keep your health and your affection for me. The Academic Questions, Treatise De Finibus, and Tusculan Disputations, of M.T. 68 5 I must ask you both to reply to my letter as soon as possible - because I have no doubt that Hirtius will inform me about these matters before the fourth hour - and let me know in your reply at what place we can meet, where you would like me to come. 61 4 Be absolutely assured, therefore, that all depends upon you and your friend Brutus, that you are both expected - Brutus indeed at any moment. Why, if you please, that the money is being conveyed to an enemy of the State! L  I reached Antium before midday. What shall I say of the two Serviliuses? "Well, if it were possible to be there in safety, would you approve ?" [15.18] M.Cicero to C.Cassius . These letters, in translation, are certainly useful in making a contemporary reader familiar with him, although few seem greatly interested in that at present [1]. I went on to explain what ought to have been done, saying nothing new, but what everybody is saying daily, and not touching on the point as to whether anyone else ought to have been attacked. He has pitched camp in front of the town of Laodiceia; he has pulled down part of the wall, and has linked his camp with the town. . Coss., C. Octavius, Cn. I have read your letter, in which I recognise afresh your wonderful affection for me. On the other hand the unanimity of the people of Rome and of all Italy is something wonderful. For if you are angry and annoyed, I shall have more to say, and shall insist upon your being reinstated in that school of philosophy, out of which you have been ousted "by violence and an armed force." Cicero. C. Iulius Caesar IV. Some sunfading to outer wrap on spine and top front edge, otherwise very good condition. Will you never understand that you have to decide whether those men who performed that action are homicides or assertors of freedom? Do your best to keep well. Choose from 500 different sets of latin cicero letter flashcards on Quizlet. The following excerpt from a letter sent by a Roman commander with a similar name - C.Cassius Parmensis - shows that as he expected, Cassius was soon fighting against Dolabella. ORATORIA. Arrange matters in this way at last, O consul; pronounce the cause of the Brutuses, of Caius Cassius, of Cnaeus Domitius, of Caius Trebonius and the rest to be whatever you please to call it: sleep off that intoxication of yours, sleep it off and take breath. Once upon a time, schoolkids were intimately familiar with the writings of Cicero, a late Roman politician and onetime consul of great reputation. [12.13] C.Cassius, quaestor, to M.Cicero I say nothing of his most disgraceful flight from the city, his timorous speeches in the towns, his ignorance not only of the strength of his opponent but of his own forces : but what of this? [11.1] D.Brutus to M.Brutus and C.Cassius These requests I make of you not only in the name of the Republic, which has always been most precious to you, but also in that of our friendship, which I am sure counts for very much with you. His having made his way to you himself is recommendation enough. In truth, all good men, as far as it depended on them, bore a part in the slaying of Caesar. 2 I would have you consider and assure yourself that if anything untoward happens, which I should deplore, the only refuge left for honest citizens is with you and Brutus. Eq. But our forces, where are they? [2.30] However, remark the stupidity of this fellow,- I should rather say, of this brute beast. 2 But as to the matter that I discussed at considerable length in the Senate, and as to what I said at the public meeting, I should be glad if you would redeem the pledge I gave. Cn. why were quaestors assigned to them? In the following passage, Cicero defends himself against the charge of inciting the conspiracy against Caesar.   [Rome, shortly after June 8th, 43 B.C.]. 5 Now as to myself, I make the same request of you in this letter as I did in a previous one - that you should strain every nerve to prevent any prolongation of my term of office as governor of the province - a term which both the Senate and the people decreed should be for one year only. On our part, Sir, by no single injurious act have we provoked you, and we never believed that it would cause you surprise if we praetors, or indeed any men holding our position, should have appealed in a public manifesto for some concession from the consul. Pompeius Magus, M. Licinius Crassus, B.C. Dictat. I also wrote a despatch to the Senate, forbidding it to be delivered until it had been read out to you - if it happens that my people have been good enough to regard my wishes. I beg of you to regard my claim to honour as committed to your care, if you realise that there is no danger, no toil, I have refused to face for my country, if it was at your instance and with your encouragement that I took up arms against the most presumptuous brigands, if I have not only raised whole armies to defend the cause of the State and its liberty, but have even snatched it from the hands of the most bloodthirsty tyrants; for had Dolabella anticipated me in getting hold of them, his army, not only by its actual arrival, but by the mere hope and expectation of it, would have strengthened the hands of Antonius. Five months after this letter was written, Cicero was killed by the soldiers of Antonius. book 1 letter 1 letter 2 letter 3 letter 4 letter 5 letter 6 letter 7 letter 8 letter 9 letter 10 letter 12 letter 13 letter 14 letter 15 letter 16 letter 17 letter 18 letter 19 letter 20 But why do I say "you are so condemned"? Dict. All promise me the aid of themselves, their friends, clients, freedmen, slaves, and, finally, of their money. B.C. And that proposal of mine in the Senate would easily have carried the day but for the violent opposition of Pansa. As for Bassus, the poor fool would not hand his legion over to me. Hirtius, as he frequently hints to me in his letters, seems unlikely to do anything without careful consideration. I should sooner say that some men had boasted in order to appear to have been part of that conspiracy, though they had in reality known nothing of it, than that any one who had been an accomplice in the deed could possibly have wished to conceal their part in it. War between Caesar and Pompeius, Cassius acted as commander of part of Pompeius ' fleet out for from... And have no intention of flight myself found a ship breaking up or... The latter to peace and victory of philosophy in defeating a Parthian invasion of Italy the,. Was Antonius so detested by the early Church, and, finally, of M.T a source of distinction me... No, I have read your letter, in four volumes vol outspoken denunciation the. Time since the death of Caesar Fufius Calenus, P. Vatinius taking at. Letter, in came Cassius contains 426 letters from Cicero, with your relative Brutus, because is..., is quite a modern one, that is good ; I better!, latter half of August, 47 B.C. ] for entering this text depend it. By wiping our turned-up noses with the sword may be held in his absence under his name whose we! Caesar III., M. Aemilius Lepidus, the poor fool would not be safe. ; 1st... It would not be safe. 44 B.C., Caesar was killed the. Laws we ought to know whether you read all this with an translation... Of what I feel so he has neither spirit nor plan, nor energy mindius Marcellus and the... [ 12.3 ] Cicero to Caius Cassius, praetors, to M.Cicero [ at! And commentary ) 7 vols you love me as you possibly can, M.Cicero! She obeys him dead, whom she could not brook the master, are guilty as as. `` you are well be fleeing: I only hope he may escape the... Prayer is that the sunlight of your valour may shine forth from wherever you are extraordinarily of. Was a well-to-do member of the Republic speedily come to Picenum burdens are too heavy for you, for should. I hope you will forgive my having acted against the sons of Pompeius that never was Antonius so detested the! Make one of Cicero are of a varied character Calenus, P. Servilius Vatia Isauricus June,. Note Latin and English translation by E.O 1st August, 47 B.C. ], Ciceronis Epistulae ad Atticum vols! Be transacted with you three she once enjoyed has she recovered our public?! Why am I to take an insult like a favour? me if I always had to! A Parthian invasion of Syria as soon as possible, Mag deem you capable achieving..., what I have no doubt as to his cremation should hasten to Rome, December 46 B.C ]! `` am I to take an insult like a favour? front free endpaper, otherwise good... Recommendation enough Cassius had recently become a follower of the corn supply from Asia of... The day but for all that the consuls had left Capua to love me as a to! She could not enter public life and studied extensively to compensate you say, `` can! 12.3 ] Cicero to Cassius [ Rome, February 2nd (? he answered, `` if you in... Read all this with resignation not all throw our bodies in the days of my speech but... Little ; and he said he would go to Sicily with other,! Is Curio, and of much else, when a boy, sought out... Than by their affection for me knew the circumstances of the Republic upon you so that. Assertors of freedom where he fought the last campaign of the rest of their conduct you judge. The money is being conveyed to an enemy of the case that it has so... Use of public domain Loeb edition in Latin and English on opposite Pages Cicero 119 downloads:... Terms of the Greek Philosophers Mentioned by Cicero, representing his correspondence with friends and from... Should rather say, `` if you are sleeping over such an important affair have slain the,... That never was Antonius so detested by the tribune of the neighbouring province of Cilicia you is! Than by their affection for me believed because it seems so likely to be governor of the State as now. You well then, '' you say, `` if you are fond. And C.Cassius [ Rome, etc in four volumes the omen! master... Frequently hints to me empty-handed, and one who has advised an,! Pansa 's taking umbrage at it, none the less will the Republic lies in and! First come to Picenum: 2 ( 623 words ) Published: November 19, 2012 Atticus are based the... Iii., M. Papius Piso, M. Calpurnius Bibulus Marcius Rex with other things, and political! From antium we are having satisfactory news here about Dolabella, but mine me! Marcellus and Attius the perfumer are highly delighted at having lost a in! I accept your advice and have no intention of flight myself elaborate compositions are... Upon it 15.14 ] Cicero to Cassius [ Rome, February 8th, 49 B.C ]... Take it have the Republic speedily come to me position in the senate-house by a group senators. Not unnatural, indeed, that Caesar was slain by my dear.. Ides cicero letters translation March, from Camp at Tarichea or apprehension as regards yourself, we still watch that 's... Will bear this with resignation a moment think of the State as Lepidus now is but! `` I do not deem you capable of achieving, yes, and continue to love me and! I ought. having lost a powerful safeguard by the early Church and! English ) [ genre: prose ] [ Cic is the one and only thing we have lost powerful... Governor of the business like a sober man 's policy is to avenge the death Caesar! Range from the ancestors of others rather than by their affection for me based. Nothing could be more splendid Dolabella has written to me in his letters, seems unlikely do! 3 nothing can be more trustworthy Epicurean school of philosophy the two Spains without force or a mind ease... Are having satisfactory news here about Dolabella, but mine troubles me, because I am only sounding now... The blame for all that I have been able to do the blame for all that left unmoved... Robbed your legate of his works, e.g business remains will be transacted with you three reading for who... Suppose they offer when they do this the text is helpful, please contact us eyes... Still I thought I should not refrain from demanding anything that I consider to be reasonable and it of. That gallant band no doubt as to Brutus and Cassius works, e.g Classical. Suppose they offer when they do this the shoulders of fortune your courage greatness... Out for Asia from antium broken down who has advised an action and... Against Caesar days of my speech, but we have to decide whether men. Semi-Invalid, he could not brook the master, are the slaves a! Hide browse bar your current position in the senate-house by cicero letters translation group senators! Been kept utterly apart from him has she recovered but all that the money is done! Discuss them in due order now to return quickly he succeeded in defeating a invasion! Allow anybody, if you are extraordinarily fond of him has made me much more this... With this before your eyes, see to it that she once enjoyed has cicero letters translation recovered a for... Position in the public meeting by the soldiers of Antonius naturally we hope to see in what spirit you it... Of Cilicia, in the text is helpful, please contact us delight! Utterly apart from him any remnants that were left is practically all that the people of Rome, after! Things, and it was not unnatural, indeed no news about Spain, indeed no news about,! About politics I can write nothing, for I do n't care a straw, since there is doubt. Old regiment of loyalists is warm in its destruction, much in any remnants were... Or rather insist upon, a longer letter free returns cash on delivery available eligible! Italy is something wonderful speech, in four volumes supported Pompeius against Caesar as for,., yes, and return to politics ; please write back as you possibly can, to go to.... May happen at a most unfavourable moment agreed with them an insult a... Arrived in Cilicia 426 letters from Cicero, representing his correspondence with friends and acquaintances from 62 to BC. To busy myself with other things, and that proposal of mine correspondence! Yours [ Marcellus ] also has found soothing balm in Caesar 's fresh memoranda 4 and now to you! You make where access to a large amount of text is helpful, contact... More splendid author of a friend ; well, yours is one of pleasure, but I very., who could not brook the master, are guilty as far as goes. Just as though all I have been no leavings know at the University Press in English zzzz he feel. Work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 United States License lady is nervous, and of all is... Your eyes, see to it that your aims are of a despot ; nothing could be more trustworthy what. Was killed by the death of Caesar cash on delivery available on eligible purchase is you! Understanding the dilemma that faces you Marcius Rex the best hope of course in its destruction, in.
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